Establishment of Pressure Injury/ulcers Prevention Team (PIPT) Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital

The prevalence of pressure ulcers increases significantly with age, due to the relationship between aging and low mobility it is reasonable to assume that there is a potential increase in the incidence of pressure ulcers in this age group and do not lose sight of the fact that there are young patients but suffer from diseases that cause reduced movement. Education is a means of enabling an active role in promoting health to address the key principles of stress and prevention.

Since pressure ulcers can lead to death, prolong treatment, and increase treatment costs in general, which cause irreversible complications. Therefore, the study of infection rate, incidence, prevalence, causative factors, and prevention, as well as effective workforce training, should be included in the priorities of hospital health-care systems.

The cost of treating pressure injuries is costly. The price includes not only the time of treatment, materials, devices used, the cost of nursing and doctors’ charges per day, all which can be significantly reduced by following revised global protocols, as sometimes the treatment requires multiple medical specialties to initiate pressure injury/ ulcer management.

Following global guidelines and systems to STOP and prevent pressure ulcers and avoid advanced stages of pressure injury that are prone to serious infections and may be the cause of prolonged hospitalization, which may in the end leads to death due to the lack of resources or due to a lack of medical experience.

Therefore, team setup was raised up on skin and wounds with a proposal to officials and interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurses from different specialities to establish a STOP pressure injury team that is integrated and trained on the latest diagnostic methods available to follow up on pressure ulcers and classify these cases according to global protocols, which work to reduce pressure ulcer injuries among patients, especially the disabled, elderly and those who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

As a team, we recognize that both human and physical resources were and remained strained during pandemic Covid 19 and we care about the increasing number and complexity of patients with COVID-19 and others suffering from preventable pressure injuries.

The goal of the Pressure injury prevention team (PIPT)is to reduce the number of injuries with pressure ulcers to zero, so that it reduces the cost and duration of treatment. And reduce the financial burden on the state as well as reduce the psychological burden on the patient and those who care for them.

As the president of the STOP Pressure Injury Prevention Team (PIPT), Diabetic Foot and wound head of Unit, and as part of a diverse interdisciplinary team with interest in preventing pressure wounds, I present to you the "Pressure Injury Prevention Team PIPT " at Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital. Training has been conducted for those interested fellows, following up on these solutions and applying the unified global systems for the prevention, and diagnosis with modification of the guidelines to suit the possibilities and upgrading of medical services provided to patients and upgrading and promoting the health services in the hospital.