18 Nov 2021
09:00AM - 09:05AM
Opening Ceremony
- National Anthem
- Holy Quran
- Welcoming Words
Mr. Faisal Alajmi
09:05AM - 09:15AM
09:15AM - 09:25AM
Regional Director Word
09:25AM - 09:35AM
“stop pressure injury day” international day
Dr. Salma Ibrahim Khuraibet
09:35AM - 09:45AM
Medical Exhibition
09:45AM - 09:55AM
Session 1 : There is always Pressure
Chairperson: Miss. Roshna Abraham
09:55AM - 10:05AM
Don’t work under pressure, work over pressure
Dr. Salma Ibrahim Khuraibet
10:05AM - 10:15AM
Introduction to Surgical management of Pressure ulcers
Dr. Mohammad Al Saffar
10:15AM - 10:25AM
Surgical Management of Pressure ulcers
Dr. Sara Al Youha
10:25AM - 10:35AM
Word from expert : “Pressure injury prevention & management”
Emilio Galea
10:35AM - 10:45AM
Incident statistics of pressure ulcer at Jaber Al Ahmad hospital
Mrs. Tintu K Idikkula
10:45AM - 10:50AM
Q & A
10:50AM - 10:55AM
Session 2 : Change the pressure into motivation at Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital
Chairperson: - Rajimol Rajan Kutty
10:55AM - 11:05AM
Pressure injuries during covid pandemic at Jaber Al Ahmed hospital
Mr. Ahmed Athamnah
11:05AM - 11:15AM
Pressure injuries in the COVID era; our medical experience
Dr. Heba Humoud Al-Baloul
11:15AM - 11:20AM
Role of microbiology in pressure ulcer infections
Dr. Komal Tak
11:20AM - 11:30AM
Management of complicated pressure sores: a case discussion
Dr. Ali Al Naser
11:30AM - 11:40AM
Prevention and management of pressure injury by nutrition
Dr Mai Alhazzaa
11:40AM - 11:50AM
Fuel for wound healing & tissue repair boosters
Hussein Bader Ashour
11:50AM - 12:00PM
Infection control precautions in managing pressure injuries
Dr. Nourah Al Qalloushi
12:00PM - 12:05PM
Wound Care Academy Kuwait “WCAK”
Anfal Ghassan Al Azaar
Fatma Ahmed Abdulkareem Hamza
Zainab Hadi Radi Alayid
12:05PM - 12:10PM
Medication usage with pressure ulcers (antibiotics stewardship)
Dalal Al Mulla
12:10PM - 12:25PM
Management of pressure ulcers
Ahmed Sabry Ahmed
12:25PM - 12:35PM
What is the most successful management of pressure injuries?
Anwar Al Anze
12:35PM - 12:40PM
Q & A
12:40PM - 12:55PM
Session 3 : Kuwait Experience
Chairperson: - Amnah Marzouq
12:55PM - 01:05PM
Current situation of pressure ulcer management in Al Adan hospital: key challenges
Dr. Muneera Ben Nakhi
01:05PM - 01:25PM
Role of physiotherapist with pressure ulcer
Abeer Ahmed Al-Tajalli
01:25PM - 01:30PM
Q & A
01:30PM - 01:40PM
Session 4 : International Experience
Chairperson: - Ranya Mashal Buhamad
01:40PM - 02:00PM
Medical Device Related Pressure Injuries
Maher Al Khatib
Ahmed Elwany
02:00PM - 02:05PM
Session 5 : Closing Ceremony
02:05PM - 02:15PM
Closing ceremony recommendations
Quality office
21 Nov 2021
Session 5 : Workshops
09:00AM - 09:20AM
Anwar Al Anze
09:20AM - 09:40AM
Skin Assessment
Tahani Isleem
09:40AM - 10:00AM
Wound Care
Dana Alshaikh
10:00AM - 10:20AM
Nutrition : Malnutrition assessment tool for medical staff
Hussein Bader Ashour
10:20AM - 10:40AM
Wound dressing: infection control measures
Dr. Nourah Al Qalloushi